Thursday, November 12, 2009


It has been noticed the change in climate recently. This time we almost didn't have monsoon so from warm sweaty summers to cool winters... It's thrilling chill in mornings. Though it's giving better day! All cloudy day reminds of hot soups, energetic food, active day, and pleasant thoughts. Today I don't know why, I got up early and opened a balcony. A beautiful wind blew on a face and I just felt fresh like anything. In loan area there were few birds and sun was half rose. Wet flowers and leaves were adoring the environment. I spent some time in balcony in viewing activities of birds and butterflies. and hot mug of tea equipped me with energy to go forward for all tasks. awesome Days have come!!! One would like to do and also not to!!! Both are fantastic.

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Kartik Mistry said...

Where are you hiding nowadays? :)